Best digital marketing courses online 2021


Best digital marketing courses online 2021.Hi friends,In this article I have written important tips about best online digital marketing courses for beginners and best online digital marketing courses in the world. Do you want to know which online course is best for digital marketing? Ok friends you are the right place.

10 Best Digital Marketing courses online 2021


Advanced promoting has turned into a fundamental piece of the whole advertising process today. Regardless of whether corporate goliaths, new companies, or private ventures, everybody today comprehends the meaning of putting resources into advanced showcasing for better development and openness. 

best online digital marketing courses in the world

As people, we are consistently watching out for upgraded ranges of abilities that would assist us with landing the perfect position. Understudies, work hopefuls, homemakers, specialists, bloggers, advanced showcasing experts, today have awesome freedoms for procuring some work dependent on the expertise and insight got through the few free internet based computerized advertising courses and affirmations accessible. 

Today,we will talk about the best  digital marketing courses online 2021. 

However, before that how about we jump a little into what makes online Digital courses so well known. The development of the web worldwide has assisted individuals with acquiring an inside and out comprehension of any subject of the craving sitting in the comfortable climate of their homes. 

best online digital marketing courses online have worked with promising circumstances for individuals from different fields to acquire fundamental, progressed, accreditations, recognitions, and experts through internet based courses. 

Similarly, a few web-based establishments give free computerized showcasing courses to up your degree of information and abilities for a seriously remunerating profession. 

Computerized showcasing which has seen tremendous development as of late has had one test from the earliest starting point: The ability hole between the interest and supply of skilled advanced advertisers who can make strong computerized promoting efforts certainly. 

Free computerized promoting best online digital marketing courses in the world assist you with understanding the essentials just as the further developed parts of the advanced advertising storehouse. These courses alongside your insight, mindfulness, and discernment will help you in making compelling advanced system and arranging. 

The truth of the matter is, not a many individuals will fork over cash for securing training in advanced and internet showcasing. Henceforth these internet based courses give understanding through free recordings, PowerPoint introductions, reference materials, contextual analyses, and digital books. 

When adapted industriously, these best online digital marketing courses for beginners can help in giving satisfactory scholarly incitement as well as work on your genius and style for making computerized crusades. 

Advanced showcasing is the need of great importance in the present time. Regardless of whether you are an IT proficient a substance author, a specialist, a publicist, or a startup proprietor, these free internet based computerized advertising courses will assist you with taking care of your responsibilities undeniably more productively. 

The following is the rundown of the best 10 free web-based computerized advertising courses that will help you colossally.

1.Google Digital Unlocked/Google Digital Garage 

Google's advanced opened course is your initial step to supporting your computerized intuition and learning the natural properties of computerized showcasing extensively. 

The most amazing aspect of the Google computerized promoting course is that it is free however you get to become familiar with the absolute most significant parts of advanced advertising that will assist you with beginning your profession in the advanced showcasing area. 

Toward the finish of the course, you get an affirmation that can assist you with securing your opportunity and apply for Digital Marketing jobs. 

The course is a self-guided realizing course that will give you an inside and out comprehension of Google instruments, advanced language. 

Google Digital Unlocked remembers 26 courses for advanced promoting. 

The 40 hours of preparing incorporate probably the main parts of Digital Marketing learning. 

Course Name – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

The focal point from the course 

You get to get familiar with the fundamentals of web based promoting and achievement. It likewise assists with building your web-based presence, examine and adjust to the developing business sector. The Digital Marketing industry and the area are dynamic and changes happen regularly. 

The course will reinforce your insight into the principal ideas. If your base is solid, a Digital Marketer can adjust to the changing patterns productively. 

You likewise get to design your web-based business system and comprehend the nuts and bolts of search. 

A portion of the courses content is: 

  • Improving Search 3 Lessons 

  • Further develop Your Search Campaigns 4 Lessons 

  • Nearby Search 2 Lessons 

  • Thinking that you are Online 3 Lessons 

  • Web-based Media 4 Lessons 

  • Web-based Media Impact 4 Lessons 

  • Email Marketing 5 Lessons 

  • Promote On The Other Websites 3 Lessons 

  • Show Advertising 3 Lessons 

  • Get everything rolling With Analytics 3 Lessons 

  • Track down Success with Analytics 3 Lessons 

  • Transform Data Into Insights 5 Lessons 

  • Fabricate Your Online Shop 2 Lessons 

  • Sell More Online 3 Lessons 

  • Extend Internationally 7 Lessons 

The above talked about is the fundamental course in Digital Marketing. Nonetheless, Google Digital Garage has other free courses identified with Online Marketing and selling. They are basically for instructive purposes and do exclude confirmation. 

Some of them are as per the following: 

  • Start A Business Online 

  • Instructions to Make Sure Your Customers Find You Online Business With Online Advertising 

  • Grow The Business To Other Countries 

  • Associate With Customize Your Mobile 

  • Advance Your Business With Content 

  • Comprehend Customer Behavior And Needs 

  • Fabricate Confidence With Self-advancement 

  • Ensure Your Online Campaign 

  • Comprehend The Basics Of Code 

  • Increment Productivity At Work 

  • Online Business Security 

  • Compelling Networking 

  • Business Communication 

  • Narrating And Design 

  • Client Segmentation And Prospecting 

  • Essentials Of Graphic Design And Others 

The Digital Unlocked course is focused on conveying top-quality courses for you to comprehend the functional execution of advanced showcasing parts. It shows you a few techniques to execute and carry out your advanced showcasing information. 

The course is partitioned into scaled down instructional exercises and recordings. It is certify by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and you get limitless access once you pursue the course. 

Likewise, there is a perceived confirmation from Google that goes to your utilization when you begin going after positions. 

Significant Things to note about Google Digital Garage 

It is to be noticed that this large number of courses and modules are made by Google mentors who are specialists with a lot of commonsense preparing. The course is loaded with true models that assist you with understanding the viable execution better. 

Be that as it may, since it is a self-guided course, you need to learn it dependent on your favored time. You should ensure that you determinedly work on the modules and don't surrender in the center. 

The technique for assessment is additionally extremely fascinating. Subsequent to going through a specific piece of illustrations, you can take up their inquiries and tests. 

After you complete your whole course, you take their accreditation questions. When you finish the assessment comprising of 40 inquiries you can without much of a stretch download the Certificate instantly. 

Through this course, you get familiar with the different terms in the few modules like examination and information bits of knowledge, content advertising, business methodology, internet business. It will likewise show you different techniques to further develop your in general internet showcasing tries. 

Gain From The Best Digital Marketing Course

best digital marketing courses online 2021

2.Google Ads Academy 

The course shows the basics of Metrics. Measurements are what sets out the nuts and bolts for you to make a promotion that will assist with driving qualified prompts transform into changes for your association. 

Through this Google promotions Academy, you get guaranteed in 

  • Search Advertising 

  • Show Advertising 

  • Video Advertising 

  • Shopping Ads 

  • Google Ads Measurement. 

Every module has examples that reach from 1 hour to 5 hours term around and covers key parts of key promoting in Google. 

It assists you with seeing how to acquire planned clients, how to build the commitment rates, plan for better transformations. 

Google Ads Academy likewise covers relevant pieces of advanced showcasing for nothing internet preparing like 

Google Marketing Platform 

  • Examination 

  • Google My Business 

  • Advertisement Manager 

  • Google Admob 

  • Approved Buyers Program 

  • Waze Ads 

Google SkillShop has an assortment of ability based occupation situated courses that assist fledglings with getting a handle on the critical components of Digital Marketing definitely. 

The action items from Google Ads Academy 

You figure out how to publicize and streamline your business on the web and get accreditation from Google promotions. Through this course, you additionally see how to accomplish your promoting objectives and investigate Google showcasing stages. 

You set up and break down Google promotions to quantify them. You consider the purchaser's standards of conduct and make a client driven methodology for Digital Marketing. 

Google my business helps how to use the advantages of Google neighborhood search. You investigate various strategies for putting advertisements and develop your capability, applying and executing Google promotions for your business. 

The course is free and you get a Certificate of Completion furnished you complete the assessment with the base remove marks.

       3.Hubspot Inbound Marketing 

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification Course 

Inbound advertising is the all out of endeavors that an association makes to draw in clients to your image through the natural scattering of data. 

Hubspot is an extremely well known engineer of programming items. Their web based learning stage, Hubspot Academy has planned probably the most exhaustive courses in computerized promoting. 

Course subtleties 10 examples 34 recordings 9 tests 4 hours consummation time 

  • Course content incorporates 

  • Inbound Marketing Fundamentals 3 Videos 

  • Arranging Content Strategy 4 Videos 

  • Making A Blog Post 2 Videos 

  • Making Topic Clusters And Pillar Pages 3 Videos 

  • Understanding Social Media Promotion 6 Videos 

  • Fostering A Conversation Growth Strategy 

  • Understanding Conversion Strategy 4 Videos 

  • Lead Nurturing 3 Videos 

  • Deals and Marketing 2 Videos 

  • Applying Customer Market Approach 3 Videos 

Hubspot has another Inbound free affirmation course which covers – 6 illustrations 15 recordings for tests and 2 hours of finish time 

The course subjects include: 

  • Understanding The Fundamentals Of Inbound Methodology 6 Videos 

  • Developing Your Business With A Flywheel Model 2 Videos 

  • Making A Company Purpose 2 Videos 

  • Laying out Business Goals 2 Videos 

  • Fostering The Buyer's Journey For Your Business 2 Videos. 

  • Notable Features of the Course 

The notable elements are that this course is that you will gain proficiency with the basics of Customer-Centric business. It is the most common way of building trust offering some incentive so these clients become your ordinary clients just as transform into brand advocates for your business. 

The course assists you with fostering a mentality that focuses on your clients' inclinations. Thus, you become a more talented advertiser. 

Understanding a purchaser's excursion is perhaps the most indispensable components of effective inbound showcasing effort. Various information like meetings, standards of conduct, page visits, can be exceptionally useful in understanding the purpose for the buying choices of customers. 

In view of the information you get, you can make a portrayal of your purchaser. This will assist you with making more engaged substance that will help in the climb in transformations. 

The course gives you an inside and out study on a drawn out content arrangement that will assist you with making excellent substance reliably. 

The significance of blog entries can't be sabotaged in the present advanced space. The course will likewise show you the fundamental parts of the blog and how to advance it for the most extreme worth of your business just as your shoppers. 

Since inbound advertising underscores natural data dispersion, you need to put a great deal of significance on making persuasive unique substance. 

Be that as it may, you ought to focus on your business objectives. Hubspot trains you to make a vibe of straightforwardness and responsibility so you can maintain your business with practically no errors. 

The most amazing aspect of this course is that you can return to learning these models whenever you need and quite a few times you want. 

      4. Wordstream PPC University 

What are the absolute most complex models of advanced advertising? If you considered PPC or web search tool advertising, you are correct. 

New position searchers, understudies, amateurs are particularly fearful of putting cash in crusades. Well truly, forking over cash and afterward losing it is perhaps the greatest dread any individual has. 

Along these lines Word Stream has thought of modules of PPC in their web based promoting study. They give exhaustive subtleties on how PPC promoting functions. It is a free course intended to instruct as it were. It doesn't give any Certification. 

Notwithstanding, it is an incredibly valuable course that assists you with acquiring information on different parts of Search Engine Marketing. Computerized promoting expects you to know the fundamentals of advertisement design to apply to the web space. In this manner, in the event that your need is acquiring information and not really Certification, WordStream PPC University can be extremely useful. 

It has an assortment obviously materials on the publicizing part of web search tools. 

The course points incorporate 

  • What Is PPC 

  • Catchphrase Research 

  • Advertisement Groups 

  • Negative Keywords 

  • Promotion Text Optimization 

  • Active clicking factor 

  • Quality Score 

  • Cost Per Action 

  • Cost Per Click 

  • Change Rate Optimization 

  • A/B Testing 

  • Point of arrival Optimization 

  • Change Tracking 

  • Best Practices For Google 

  • Extended Text Ads 

  • Planning PPC For Lead Generation 

  • PPC For B2B Business 

  • Call Tracking 

  • Adwords Mobile 

  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion 

  • Remarketing 

They additionally have modules on Social Ad 101, Webinars, and White Papers. 

The Social Ad 101-course content incorporates: 

  • Paid Social Media Hacks 

  • Social Ads For Small Businesses 

  • Facebook Ad Targeting 

  • Top Facebook Advertising Tips 

  • Successful Facebook Ads For Lead Generation 

  • Twitter Ads 

  • Utilizing PPC For Targeting Options. 

You additionally approach Adwords digital book on the Wordstream site. It permits you to investigate a few free aides, digital books, and white papers from the library about PPC and other web showcasing points. 

Wordstream PPC is more about advancing your general information in computerized showcasing by furnishing you with assets. These review materials help advertisers and not only now getting started to have a solid sound AdWords methodology anything the idea of your business could be. 

One of the benefits of this course material is that it is in PDF design which empowers you to download the material and access it at whatever point you need.

       5.Hubspot Content Marketing


    Hubspot Content Marketing is a free 

Online Certification that is one of the most coveted certificates out there. It, being a major digital software firm understands the importance of content as the mainstay of any online marketing effort

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the content aspect. The course and trainers are committed to making you a skilled expert in strategizing and creating content to rank high on search engines.

The trainer Justin champion is extremely well versed in digital strategy and content. He provides invaluable tips, tactics, and strategies through the videos to solve any challenges in your content module.


Course details -12 lessons 52 videos 11 quizzes 6 hours completion time.

The Course Curriculum includes

  • The Power Of Storytelling 3 Videos

  • Content Framework 3 Videos

  • Planning Long-term Content Strategy 3 Videos

  • Generating Content Ideas 3 Videos

  • Creating Quality Blog Content For Your Audience 5 Videos

  •  Blogging To Rank Number 8 Videos

  • Extending The Value Of Your Content Through Repurposing – 4 Videos

  • Creating Topic Clusters And Pillar Pages 6 Videos

  • Creating Successful Video Marketing Strategy 3 Videos

  • Building Guest Blogging Strategy By Seo 5 Videos

  • Effectively Promoting Content 4 Videos

  • Measuring And Analyzing Your Content 5 Videos

  •  Content Marketing Certification Course & Next Steps One Video.

      The takeaway from this course


You learn the essentials of content creation. Understand and comprehend the relation between content and marketing and the utility of providing high-quality content consistently.

You also understand why re-purposing content is important, why it should not be ignored. Finally, through the 52 videos, you become an incisive content marketer ready to take up the challenges in this fiercely competitive world of web content writing and marketing.

Some other key teachings in the course are :


  • Why You Need A Step By Step Process To Generate Content

  • How To Create A Structured Post To Optimize It For SERP

  • Building Relevance Topically

  • Optimizing Featured Snippets

  • Republishing Content

  • Pillar Pages Using Video For Inbound Strategical Approach.


Hubspot content marketing is one of the most popular free online digital marketing courses that you should take up to become proficient in the content marketing aspect of the online marketing model.

  6.Alison Institute Free Certification   Courses


Alison is also a popular free online Digital Marketing Course platform that provides in-depth training on several elements of the Digital Marketing system.


Diploma In Web Business Development And Marketing


Alison provides various courses in the digital marketing domain with varied levels of training. The Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing is a training level 1 workplace oriented course that helps you to acquire a thorough knowledge of web development

It is a free online course that helps you to take that first step towards your digital marketing success by creating a website for your business. It is a 10 to 15 hours course with Free Certification and Assessment.

The course module includes:


  • Introduction To Building A Website Terminology Of Website

  •  Domain Names And Hosting Accounts

  • Understanding Of Name servers

  • Creating Web Pages

  • Formatting Text

  • Understanding Of Images Links And Formatting

  • Publishing Your Web Page

  • Autoresponders

  • Using Templates

  • HTML Coding

  • Cascading Style Sheets

  • Indexing A Web Site On Google Webmaster

  • Introduction To The Web

  • Email Marketing

  • Creating A Personal Profile On Facebook

  • How To Increase Traffic Website

  • Development Tools


There are other extremely popular courses in Alison. Especially in business and online selling.

Course Name – Diploma in e-business


The diploma in e-business helps to create a strong online presence and maintain the Goodwill of your brand in the web space. It is primarily concerned with the essentials of e-commerce and helps you to implement a successful e-business plan.


The course involves teaching you how to design, create, apply, implement, and monitor the various elements of a website to help it reach the target consumers. The final aim is to promulgate your product or service.


The duration of the course is 6 to 10 hours and it is a job-oriented training level 1 course. It comes with Free Certification and assessment as well.

The course content includes:


  • Introduction To Building An Online Business

  • Connecting With Local Customers

  • Understanding Consumer Behavior Through Measurement In Analytics

  • Introduction To Google Webmaster

  • Introduction To Marketing Online

  • Marketing Through Google Using Google Adwords

  • Introduction To Google Adsense

  • Performance Report Tabs

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Introduction To Google Analytics

  • Getting Started With Digital Analytics

  • Understanding And Using Google Analytics

  • Data Collecting

  • Actionable Data With Google Analytics

  • Navigating Analytic Report

  • Navigating Conversion Report

  • Diploma In E-business Assessment

The Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online


Let’s look at another course that you can take up. The Fundamentals of Marketing your Business Online is an academic third Level 1 education in Allison that is 1-2 hours duration. The Course comes with free Certification and Assessment.


The syllabus includes:


  • Introduction To Marketing Online

  • Marketing Through Google Using Google Adwords

  • Opportunities Of Tab Custom

  • Budgeting For Online Advertising

  • Optimizing Adwords Account

  • Choosing The Right Keywords

  • The Five Pillars Of Adwords Success

  •  Marketing Fundamentals & Assessment Among Others.


Through these varied courses in Digital Marketing, Alison aims to provide a comprehensive education in marketing for Digital marketers. The emphasis is on understanding what drives consumers to make purchasing decisions. Also, how to create an effective marketing strategy around it.


Local business is of paramount importance in E-Commerce and small businesses. Alison provides a strategic approach to creating your brand reputation. The courses also teach how to incorporate the marketing mix to create optimized value from all components of Digital Marketing.

The other Courses are:


  • YouTube Marketing

  • Facebook Advertising For Beginners

  • Diploma In Google Ads

  • Google Analytics

  • Advertising Your Business Online

  • Google Adsense

           7.SemRush Academy 


Semrush is one of the leading SAAS companies founded in 2008 that helps businesses with visibility and marketing through their several software subscriptions.


Owing to the vast demand for Digital education, Semrush started their own SemRush Academy. It provides a plethora of content for free to educate anyone interested in Online Learning.


The Academy has come up with the Content Marketing Toolkit Course. The duration of the course is 9 lessons, 3 hours and it is 100 % free with certification.

The Course Modules are:


  • Content Analysis And Optimization

  • Content Research And Ideation

  • Distribution Of Content Through Several Digital Channels

  • Performance In The Management Of Content Marketing Calendar

  • Brand Monitoring Tool

  • Social Media Poster

  • SEO Content Template

  • Content Audit

  • Essay Writing Assistant And Research.

The course is ideally suited to a marketer wanting to make the best use of content marketing as a module for their business strategy.


The course follows video lessons that are divided into small bite-sized chunks for you to retain information better. Then you study specially customized materials to get in-depth knowledge on each of the modules.


Finally, you take an assessment test to understand exactly how much you learned from the course. After completion of the course, you get a certificate from the Semrush Academy


There are several other courses provided by the Semrush Academy that helps you to gain a strong base on all the core concepts of digital marketing.

The Semrush Seo Toolkit Course consists of 14 lessons in 4 hours of training. The course consists of nine lessons in 1 hour of training


You have SEO Fundamentals with Greg Gifford. It has 8 modules 31 lessons and 4 hours of training.


  • The course content includes

  • Search Engine Basics

  • SERP Layout

  • Technical SEO

  • Https

  • Structured Data

  • Inspecting Your Site Link Signals

  • Link Analysis And Building

  • On-page Signals

  • Keyword Research

  • Optimizing Content Seo For Mobile

  • International SEO

  • Local SEO


The Keyword Research Course with Greg Gifford has 8 lessons in 1 hour of training mobile SEO course 7 lessons for 1 hour. The Local SEO course consists of 10 lessons 1 hour


Semrush, an eminent software as a service organization understands how each of the modules in digital marketing contributes to an effective online marketing strategy for a business.


The faculty is comprised of eminent digital marketers and professionals who have plenty of experience working in the digital domain. They provide a detailed explanation of the several essential concepts and educate you on how to practically implement them to get the best results.


The courses are all free and are customized considering every individual with an inclination to learn digital marketing. After the completion of the course, you gain adequate knowledge to not only pass the exam but also crack interviews successfully.

       8.Emarketing Institute Courses


EMarketing Institute online is a popular website that has several free digital marketing courses, ebooks, and certifications for students and beginners in the field of digital marketing.


The institute was founded in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Mr. Thomas Jaskov. Since then it has only gained prominence in the world of free online courses in digital marketing.


E-marketing Institute is among the top 3% of the most popular websites worldwide for free Digital education. More than 1,50,000 students have already enrolled in their courses from several countries.


         The Modules Include:


  • Affiliate Marketing Course

  • Blogging Course

  • Content Marketing Course

  • E-commerce Course Course

  • Email Marketing Course

  • Online Marketing Course

  • Search Engine Marketing Certification

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Web Analytics Course


All the Courses come with Free Certification. With each program, there are 150-160 pages of the free e-book which you have to study well before appearing for the online exam.


Once you pass the exam you get a certificate that can be included in your CV and LinkedIn profile as proof of your proficiency in that particular module.


The courses cover all the models listed above in detail and you can have valuable insight into all these complex elements of digital marketing to implement in your business strategy.



You have 50 multiple choice questions for each module. The pass percentage is 50% and the duration is 1 hour for every exam.


These courses help you to become more skilled marketers with a better understanding of the overall digital marketing campaigns. The course materials are designed in such a way that anyone can understand the curriculum with clarity. However, it is not only for beginners as stated. People with experience can also benefit from the materials, exercises, and case studies.


    9. LinkedIn Learning with Lynda


LinkedIn learning with Lynda content is one of the finest free online digital marketing courses available to LinkedIn users. The course covers 7 items of content, 17 hours of expert customized and designed curriculum.


The first month is free which helps you to gain knowledge on the different aspects of digital marketing. The course also provides you with a keen comprehension of the principles of online marketing.


Developing an integrated online marketing system is important for any business to prosper. LinkedIn learning with Lynda helps you to understand the process of content strategy, lead generation with SEO, and gives you an overview of the entire digital marketing silo.

Course content includes:

  • Online Marketing Foundation 4.5 Hours

  • SEO Foundations 3.5 Hours

  •  Google Analytics Essential Training 2.5 Hours

  • Content Marketing Foundation 1 Hour

  • Lead Generation Foundations 1-hour

  • Growth Hacking Foundations 1.5 Hours

  • Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan 2 Hours 21 Minutes.


After you complete the entire course you will earn the badge of completion.  Your faculty members are Brad Batesole, David Booth, Dina Shapiro, MadeCraft, Matt Bailey, and other equally gifted trainers.


best online digital marketing courses for beginners

They are all experts and internationally recognized marketing experts, leaders, and authority figures who understand the nitty-gritty of Digital Marketing to the core.

    10.Social Marketing Training Hootsuite


Hootsuite is one of the topmost Social Media Management Platforms that help to integrate and manage the different social media platforms.


Through this training, you learn to manage multiple social media accounts effectively. The course teaches you to read the analytics and reporting tools successfully to incorporate any changes if necessary in social media scheduling and Management. Also, the course teaches you comprehensively about the Hootsuite mobile app.

The course duration is 2 hours 30 minutes. The certification is optional and costs 99 USD dollars.

The curriculum includes

  • Fundamentals Of Using Hootsuite

  • Advanced Uses Of Hootsuite

  • The lessons in the Curriculum are

  • Overview Of The Hootsuite Dashboard

  • Social Listening through Hootsuite Streams

  • Engaging With The Audience Using Streams

  • Hootsuite Photo Editor

  • Pinterest Publishing

  • Linkedin Pages Management WIth Hootsuite

  • Creating Twitter Lists

  • Engaging the Youtube Community

  • Performing Geo-Search To Find Relevant Conversations Link Setting

  • Using Reports

  • Sharing And Collaborating With Hootsuite Analytics and many other important elements of the hoot suite features


You will also learn how to effectively set objectives through key performance indicators. After this Free course, you will be able to optimally use Hootsuite to manage, schedule your social media efforts. It will help you to strengthen your knowledge of all such management systems as well.

        #11. SEO Training Udemy


Udemy is known for its numerous courses in online marketing and digital content. This SEO Training course has been designed by media stalwart Eric Schwartzman.


He is an eminent social media strategist who has helped several organizations become successful through his lead generation digital engagement and content Optimisation strategy.


The curriculum consists of 42 lectures divided into five sections and 9 hours 30 minutes of total training.


The breakup for the lectures is as follows

  • SEO Overview, Business Cases, Promotional Material And Others 6 Lectures

  • Hands-on Training of 19 Lectures. Consists of organic versus referral traffic visits versus unique, unbranded keywords, the impact of search on your reputation as a brand, Black Hat, White Hat, Seo Web Content.

  • Best practices- 4 lectures that consist of Long-Tail Search Engine Optimisation, Writing for SEO, etc.

  • Case studies for 2 lectures

  • Supplemental Resources for 11 lectures.


The syllabus consists of:

  • Integrating Offline And Online Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization Vocabulary

  • Keyword Selection, Validation, And Discovery

  •  Writing For Search Engines

  • Most Effective Seo Strategy

  • White Hat Versus Black Hat Seo

  • Citation Index & Inbound Links

  • Top-level Domains

  • Anchor Text

  • Linking Strategies

  • On-Page Off-Page Optimization

  • Competition Analysis

  • Local And Mobile SEO

  • B2B SEO Strategies And Tactics

  • How To Use Google Analytics Keyboard

  • Themes For An SEO

  • Press Release For SEO

  •  Strategy For Completing With Google Along With Many Other Pertinent Elements.

The course is ideally suited to social media managers, social account executives, and entry-level professionals who want to gain skills in Search Engine Optimization.


The course is committed to giving you in-depth training on how to improve your search engine ranking. And, how to implement a sound strategy for blogs and your LinkedIn profile.


This is hands-on training with simple case studies and exercises. So far more than 45000 students have enrolled in this SEO training.



Digital Marketing is a diverse and dynamic field that goes through several changes regularly. Google customarily comes up with new algorithms to improve the online users’ experience.


Thus, these courses update their content keeping in mind the trends that dominate the online market at that point in time.


Most of the free online Digital Marketing Courses provide in-depth education on the essential modules of Digital Marketing. Search engine Optimization, Paid Marketing, Analytics, Social Media Management, are some areas that need thorough comprehension to become a successful Digital Marketer.


Once you complete these online digital marketing courses and get your certificates, you can apply for any digital marketing role you want.


Becoming a successful digital marketer requires you to constantly evolve. That is the only prerequisite to having a rewarding career in this field. Practical exercises are most important for learning the module of Digital Marketing with clarity.


Once you start implementing the knowledge you acquire through these courses in practical live projects, you will have a far better hold on the intrinsic elements of digital marketing. Consequently, creating Digital strategies for your brand and/or business will become more convenient. 

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